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Airbnb and San Francisco

The city of San Francisco, which is the location of Airbnb’s headquarters, has enacted a new law that would force Airbnb hosts to register with the city or else the company would face a fine per host. Airbnb allows users to rent unique accommodations from local hosts in many countries, a much different travel experience… Read More »

Anchorwoman’s Termination and Discrimination Lawsuit

A former news anchor for WTAE news, Wendy Bell, is suing her former employer for discrimination. After Bell covered a mass shooting at a backyard barbeque in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, she made a controversial post on her professional Facebook page. Bell, who is white, claimed it was a call to action on the perceived black-on-black crime… Read More »

First Federal Bank Agrees to Settlement: End Fair Housing Dispute

Unfortunately, racial discrimination continues to happen both inside and outside the workplace. Discriminatory practices based on race, such as raising interest rates and denying rental and mortgage applications, happen often. First Federal Bank of Kansas City was accused by two fair housing organizations, Legal Aid of Western Missouri and the Metropolitan St. Louis Equal Housing… Read More »

Discrimination Affects the Next Generation Too

While adults in the workforce may or may not know their rights when experiencing harassment or discrimination, the next generation needs that information too. Racial inequality and gender discrimination are serious issues that, unfortunately, the next generation will be faced with as well. Some films, such as Zootopia, a Disney Animation currently out in theaters,… Read More »

Discrimination Inquiry at a Missouri University

A student complaint against a university employee, who is Hispanic official at Missouri State University, launched an informal discrimination inquiry. The student’s complaint alleged the official, assistant vice president for minority advancement, made discriminatory remarks against African Americans. Even though the student dropped her complaint after results of an informal investigation, reports of racial discrimination… Read More »

Is ‘Hispanic’ a Race? : US court rules ‘yes’

A federal appeals court tossed out an award given to a Long Island police officer who sued his employer for race discrimination. The police officer, who is Italian-American, alleged discrimination when another employee, Bermudez, a Hispanic officer, was given the position of police chief. Former Freeport Mayor Hardwick appointed Bermudez and referred to him as… Read More »

Race and Color Discrimination from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has created an informative webpage on race and color discrimination and harassment.  According to the webpage, race and color discrimination is when an employee is treated unfavorably at work because of the employee’s race or color.  Under Missouri law, race and color discrimination is when an employee is treated unfairly… Read More »