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Airbnb and San Francisco

The city of San Francisco, which is the location of Airbnb’s headquarters, has enacted a new law that would force Airbnb hosts to register with the city or else the company would face a fine per host. Airbnb allows users to rent unique accommodations from local hosts in many countries, a much different travel experience… Read More »

Discrimination in Hiring: Many Studies, Different Results

New research on hiring bias found no significant difference in likeliness of job applicants receiving callbacks depending on their name. While previous studies have indicated that applicants with names traditionally held by blacks and Hispanics were less likely to get job interviews, this more recent study announced by the University of Missouri moves away from… Read More »

Equality Discussion Raised Thanks to International Women’s Day

While many associate the Black Lives Matter movement with a concern for racial equality and racial issues that persist, the co-founder of the social media hashtag #blacklivesmatter called attention to ending all forms of discrimination against African Americans and also ending discrimination against women. Alicia Garza spoke about equality and the effects of discrimination on… Read More »