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Remembering Our War Heroes

Memorial Day, a time for remembering the people who died while serving in our armed forces, recently passed but it is important to remember our war heroes throughout the year. Some may be familiar with the Tuskegee Airmen, racial pioneers who broke the color barrier among Army aviators in World War II. Jesse Leroy Brown… Read More »

California Wal-Mart Sued

An African American shopper at Wal-Mart alleges that due to racial discrimination, he was incorrectly identified as a shoplifter. He was handcuffed and detained and allegedly accused of stealing from the store. Race discrimination is one of the factors listed in the plaintiff’s lawsuit in regards to damages sought and mistreatment based on color. While consumers’… Read More »

‘Shopping While Black’: Consumer Discrimination

Consumer racial profiling is discriminatory, but continues despite laws prohibiting it. Unfortunately, this type of discrimination happens every day. The article below details shoppers’ experiences in Canadian retail stores: three shoppers of different racial background documented how they were treated in chain stores in five different cities. Excessive attention from store employees or being followed… Read More »

Race and Color Discrimination from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has created an informative webpage on race and color discrimination and harassment.  According to the webpage, race and color discrimination is when an employee is treated unfavorably at work because of the employee’s race or color.  Under Missouri law, race and color discrimination is when an employee is treated unfairly… Read More »