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Poll on Racial Discrimination

Following a week of tragic shootings and political uproar, many individuals may feel conflicted. The article below describes the results of surveys that were taken to obtain feedback on topics such as the Black Lives Matter movement, policing, voting, racial issues and race discrimination. The results of these polls provide some insight on how registered… Read More »

Diversity at the U.S. Air Force Academy

The last several years have called for major changes for both higher education and the military. For colleges across the country, Black Lives Matter activists have called for change and more diversity in leadership. At the academy, there are strict guideline around acceptable conduct. So while there were student protests at schools like the University… Read More »

Equality Discussion Raised Thanks to International Women’s Day

While many associate the Black Lives Matter movement with a concern for racial equality and racial issues that persist, the co-founder of the social media hashtag #blacklivesmatter called attention to ending all forms of discrimination against African Americans and also ending discrimination against women. Alicia Garza spoke about equality and the effects of discrimination on… Read More »