Policing Scandals: Is There A Remedy?

By | June 1, 2016

Racial inequality and racism and discrimination continue to plague the citizens of Chicago and the Chicago Police Department. Millions of dollars have been spent due to police misconduct: false arrests, perjury, racial bigotry and discrimination, excessive force, and unjustified killings. Families of people victimized by city cops continue to see others suffer from the ongoing racial issues in the city, racial prejudice, and racial discrimination. The installation of dashcams in more police cars, the implementation of programs such as a ‘task force on police accountability’, and laws against discrimination have not fixed the structural racism or lowered the alarming and disproportionate statistics that highlight the mistreatment of Chicago’s black citizens. While the article below highlights the damage discrimination in policing does to citizens and a community, discrimination still affects individuals in their places of work, their place of residence, and even their schools. Many employment attorneys are present in cities such as Chicago and Kansas City. At the Bullman Law Firm in Kansas City, Missouri, a labor lawyer may be able to help you if you are an employee suffering from discrimination in the workplace. Employers should be held accountable for race discrimination and harassment at work and should create an environment where workers feel safe. If you feel unsure about what rights you have and if there are protections in place, call a law firm near you today.

Link: http://www.thenation.com/article/is-there-hope-for-the-chicago-police-department/

Source: By Norm Stamper; From The Nation