Ferguson, Missouri to Swear in New Police Chief

A community still dealing with racial issues, racial inequality, and racial prejudice has sworn in its first African-American police chief. The Ferguson Police Department is a mostly-white police department in a majority black city that has undergone much turmoil. Federal oversight has demanded police reform and the city was sued over alleged patterns of discrimination… Read More »

Were You Wrongfully Terminated?

Getting fired is stressful and emotionally traumatic. But the question may remain ‘was the termination wrongful?’ and ‘what is a hostile work environment?’ Workers may choose to seek legal advice by contacting an attorney or law firm to better understand the difference between being illegally laid off and unfairly fired. While employers, as well as… Read More »

Employer, Employee, Independent Contractor

Misclassification by employers of employees as independent contractors and vice versa can lead to many errors in business. The article below discusses some of the positives and some of the downsides of being an independent contractor vs. an employee. It has been estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that hiring an employee can cost… Read More »

Safe Spaces Controversy

The incidents involving racism and discrimination and racial prejudice at the University of Missouri have prompted national discussions about ‘safe spaces’ at colleges. Professors have expressed concern that their lectures and course content may be too triggering to be taught freely, whereas others emphasize the importance of being aware of different points of view. The… Read More »

Employment Discrimination Lawsuit

Three former Camden City, New Jersey police officers are suing the Camden County Police Department over allegations of age and race discrimination. One of the officers, who is African American, and the others, whose races were not named in the lawsuit were not hired on, but younger, Caucasian police officers were. The three plaintiffs were… Read More »

First Federal Bank Agrees to Settlement: End Fair Housing Dispute

Unfortunately, racial discrimination continues to happen both inside and outside the workplace. Discriminatory practices based on race, such as raising interest rates and denying rental and mortgage applications, happen often. First Federal Bank of Kansas City was accused by two fair housing organizations, Legal Aid of Western Missouri and the Metropolitan St. Louis Equal Housing… Read More »

Discrimination Affects the Next Generation Too

While adults in the workforce may or may not know their rights when experiencing harassment or discrimination, the next generation needs that information too. Racial inequality and gender discrimination are serious issues that, unfortunately, the next generation will be faced with as well. Some films, such as Zootopia, a Disney Animation currently out in theaters,… Read More »

Equality Discussion Raised Thanks to International Women’s Day

While many associate the Black Lives Matter movement with a concern for racial equality and racial issues that persist, the co-founder of the social media hashtag #blacklivesmatter called attention to ending all forms of discrimination against African Americans and also ending discrimination against women. Alicia Garza spoke about equality and the effects of discrimination on… Read More »

Stress and Discrimination Connection

According to a poll done for the American Psychological Association, the majority of American adults have experienced discrimination, with most saying the discrimination is experienced frequently in the workplace, from police, or other situations. The article below details particular occurrences or behaviors that can trigger higher stress levels; an example provided was Hispanic adults who… Read More »

California Wal-Mart Sued

An African American shopper at Wal-Mart alleges that due to racial discrimination, he was incorrectly identified as a shoplifter. He was handcuffed and detained and allegedly accused of stealing from the store. Race discrimination is one of the factors listed in the plaintiff’s lawsuit in regards to damages sought and mistreatment based on color. While consumers’… Read More »