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Diversity at the U.S. Air Force Academy

The last several years have called for major changes for both higher education and the military. For colleges across the country, Black Lives Matter activists have called for change and more diversity in leadership. At the academy, there are strict guideline around acceptable conduct. So while there were student protests at schools like the University of Missouri after the shooting and death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, such protests did not occur at the academy. Even though there was no unrest, this does not mean that concerns regarding racial prejudice and racism and discrimination were not present. In the article below, Lieutenant General Michelle Johnson discusses the importance of open conversations about racial issues, policing, and racial inequality. While discrimination in employment focuses on workers, employers, and laws against discrimination, labor lawyers may also be able to help students, customers or patients who face discrimination and harassment outside of the workplace. If you are an employee dealing with mistreatment at work, consider contact an attorney or law firm today.


Source: By Emily Deruy; From The Atlantic

Discrimination in Hiring: Many Studies, Different Results

New research on hiring bias found no significant difference in likeliness of job applicants receiving callbacks depending on their name. While previous studies have indicated that applicants with names traditionally held by blacks and Hispanics were less likely to get job interviews, this more recent study announced by the University of Missouri moves away from these findings. A co-author of the study warns that these results do not suggest hiring discrimination is no longer a problem. The study can provide useful information when discussing discrimination in the labor market today. While previous studies have focused on names associated with black and white applicants, this study focused on potential race discrimination for Hispanic applicants as well. New studies and new research can help further discussions about racial issues, racial inequality, and racial prejudice and how to prevent such discrimination in the workplace. Workers and applicants alike may face other forms of discrimination as well, such as sex discrimination or disability discrimination. Labor lawyers hold employers accountable. If you are an employee experiencing harassment at work, consider contacting an attorney at the Bullman Law Firm today.

Source: By Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz; From The Chicago Tribune


Race Initiatives at MU and UM

In Fall of 2015, the University of Missouri System Board of Curators announced several race initiatives for its four campuses, in Columbia, Kansas City, Rolla and St. Louis. One position created was that of chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer. Also included in the restructuring was the Office for Civil Rights and Title IX. The Title IX Office previously only dealt with sex discrimination. The Office for Civil Rights and Title IX handles discrimination complaints regarding race, color, nation origin, ancestry, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, genetic information, disability, and protected veteran status. Recent controversies on UM campuses have launched discussions about racial discrimination in Missouri and how to confront it. There has been much discussion about racial issues, racial inequality, and diversity surrounding the search for a new UM System President. While the article below emphasizes protections and resources for students of the UM System, it is important to note that the UM System is also an employer, and its employees also have protections from harassment and discrimination. Race discrimination in employment and harassment at work are serious issues many workers face. If you have experienced such mistreatment in Kansas City, attorneys and law firms can often be contacted via phone, email, online inquiry, or even social media. A labor lawyer may be able to help.


Source: By Kasia Kovacs; From The Columbia Missourian

Ferguson, Missouri to Swear in New Police Chief

A community still dealing with racial issues, racial inequality, and racial prejudice has sworn in its first African-American police chief. The Ferguson Police Department is a mostly-white police department in a majority black city that has undergone much turmoil. Federal oversight has demanded police reform and the city was sued over alleged patterns of discrimination and unconstitutional police conduct. The disproportionate number of arrests of minorities has brought the issue of racial bias to the forefront of reform discussions. Ferguson is working to recruit more minorities and a large part of the new police chief’s role will be community outreach. Racial discrimination and fear of retaliation against those who question police tactics have fractured the community. If you are experiencing race discrimination in Kansas City, Missouri as a worker, or in other situations, consider contacting an employment attorney at the Bullman Law Firm. Labor lawyers can help employees dealing with harassment at work or discrimination from their employer. Workers have rights; inquire with an employment law firm near you, today.


Source: By CNN Wire; From WHNT News 19