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Were You Wrongfully Terminated?

Getting fired is stressful and emotionally traumatic. But the question may remain ‘was the termination wrongful?’ and ‘what is a hostile work environment?’ Workers may choose to seek legal advice by contacting an attorney or law firm to better understand the difference between being illegally laid off and unfairly fired. While employers, as well as employees, have some freedom in employment status decisions does not mean companies do not have to follow federal and state employment laws that address issues such as discrimination and whistleblowing. There are laws against discrimination, such as race discrimination. If you have experienced mistreatment, such as racial inequality, in Kansas City, Missouri, consider contacting a labor lawyer today. They may be able to provide you more information about racial discrimination in Missouri, filing an EEOC discrimination claim, and/or how to handle discrimination in employment.


Source: By R S Ali; From Jobs & Hire


Employer, Employee, Independent Contractor

Misclassification by employers of employees as independent contractors and vice versa can lead to many errors in business. The article below discusses some of the positives and some of the downsides of being an independent contractor vs. an employee. It has been estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that hiring an employee can cost around 30 percent more than hiring an independent contractor to do the same work. Other differences can be flexibility in staffing, control over workers, and exposure to lawsuits. Both employees and independent contractors may encounter employment discrimination and harassment, such as racial prejudice or gender harassment. If you have experienced racism and discrimination in the workplace in Missouri, contacting a labor lawyer, law firm in your area, or the Missouri Commission on Human Rights may help you better understand your rights. Employment lawyers against race discrimination fight for workers’ rights. Protections from racial discrimination in the workplace and harassment at work can vary; please consider calling an attorney at the Bullman Law Firm today.


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Safe Spaces Controversy

The incidents involving racism and discrimination and racial prejudice at the University of Missouri have prompted national discussions about ‘safe spaces’ at colleges. Professors have expressed concern that their lectures and course content may be too triggering to be taught freely, whereas others emphasize the importance of being aware of different points of view. The question remains if safe spaces help develop community, leadership qualities and increase diversity and activism, or if too much sensitivity can be limiting. Groups that are often targets of harassment and discrimination, such as the LGBTQA community, women, and members of the black community, may especially benefit from a place where individuals can be protected. The article below highlights the importance that while harassment should be prevented, sheltering individuals is not the solution. Through open communication, more knowledge, and more training students, employees, and employers can develop a greater awareness of tough topics like gender, racial and sexual equality, racial issues, and laws against discrimination. If you are suffering from racial harassment at work or discrimination in the workplace in Kansas City, consider contacting an employment attorney or law firm. Workers have rights-resources such as labor lawyers or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) may be able to assist.


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Employment Discrimination Lawsuit

Three former Camden City, New Jersey police officers are suing the Camden County Police Department over allegations of age and race discrimination. One of the officers, who is African American, and the others, whose races were not named in the lawsuit were not hired on, but younger, Caucasian police officers were. The three plaintiffs were all over the age of 40 and applied for employment with the police department prior to the 2013 switch from a city force to the county one. Under U.S. federal anti-discrimination law, a ‘protected class’ includes age, race, sex, national origin, citizenship, and more. Other former employees and applicants have come forward with similar claims of discrimination. Race discrimination in employment is illegal; to better understand your rights as a worker, contacting an attorney or law firm near you could help. Labor lawyers at our firm hold employers accountable and help workers suffering from harassment and/or racial discrimination in Kansas City.


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First Federal Bank Agrees to Settlement: End Fair Housing Dispute

Unfortunately, racial discrimination continues to happen both inside and outside the workplace. Discriminatory practices based on race, such as raising interest rates and denying rental and mortgage applications, happen often. First Federal Bank of Kansas City was accused by two fair housing organizations, Legal Aid of Western Missouri and the Metropolitan St. Louis Equal Housing and Opportunity Council, of ‘redlining’ African-American mortgage applications. Racial prejudice and racial inequality still persist in the consumer market. In the U.S., ‘redlining’ is the practice of denying services to residents of certain areas based on the racial or ethnic makeups of those areas. In regards to banking, redlining is the practice of a bank making it extremely difficult for residents of poor inner-city neighborhoods to gain approval for a mortgage. First Federal Bank claimed no such discrimination occurred but agreed to a settlement. The agreement will help qualified families in Kansas City have a fair change at owning a home, regardless of race. Attorneys against race discrimination may be able to help individuals, whether the mistreatment is discrimination in the workplace or other areas of life. Labor lawyers and employment law firm hold employers accountable; laws against discrimination are in place to protect employees suffering mistreatment. Workers have rights and if you have experienced harassment and discrimination on the job, consider contacting a lawyer today.


Source: By James Dornbrook; From Kansas City Business Journal