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Discrimination Affects the Next Generation Too

While adults in the workforce may or may not know their rights when experiencing harassment or discrimination, the next generation needs that information too. Racial inequality and gender discrimination are serious issues that, unfortunately, the next generation will be faced with as well. Some films, such as Zootopia, a Disney Animation currently out in theaters, can help make topics like race issues and gender differences be part of the conversations between adults and children. Kids are becoming more and more aware of issues of identity, leaving parents to figure out how to answer tough questions. Even today’s youngest will be face with the realities of racial prejudice and inequality; creating an open communication network between all generations can help individuals better understand what bullying, sexual harassment, race discrimination, and gender discrimination are and what protections are out there. The newest generation in the workforce should be informed that they have rights, whether they are an employee, customer, or student. Films like Zootopia have characters go through experiences that emulate real-world situations, such as: working twice as hard to overcome oppression, not ‘belonging’, or not fitting in to a particular culture. It is important for future workers to know that if their employer is not following the law, labor lawyers and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) may be able to help them. Racial discrimination in America still exists, but there are laws against discrimination and workers have protections. If you or someone you know is experiencing harassment and/or discrimination in Kansas City, call the Bullman Law Firm.


Source: By Jeff Yang; From Quartz

Equality Discussion Raised Thanks to International Women’s Day

While many associate the Black Lives Matter movement with a concern for racial equality and racial issues that persist, the co-founder of the social media hashtag #blacklivesmatter called attention to ending all forms of discrimination against African Americans and also ending discrimination against women. Alicia Garza spoke about equality and the effects of discrimination on March 8th, International Women’s Day, in celebration of Women’s History Month. She voiced concern for black women and the racial injustice they suffer, underrepresentation in leadership roles, and low wage jobs. Women as well as men continue to face racial discrimination and racial harassment in the workplace. Employment discrimination based on sex or race is illegal, yet many employers don’t prevent it and employees suffer because of it. Ms. Garza called for better workplace protections for all workers and that the movement aims at improving quality of life for all black people and all individuals.

 Source: By Zack Plair; From Mississippi State University Website





Stress and Discrimination Connection

According to a poll done for the American Psychological Association, the majority of American adults have experienced discrimination, with most saying the discrimination is experienced frequently in the workplace, from police, or other situations. The article below details particular occurrences or behaviors that can trigger higher stress levels; an example provided was Hispanic adults who described being hypervigilant about their appearance to avoid harassment and/or discrimination. Other studies and organizations have also extensively studied and discussed racial discrimination, racism, and stress. A study published in Sociological Inquiry found black Americans experienced significantly more emotional stress and physical stress in comparison to their white counterparts. Multiple studies are highlighting the unfortunate realization that race discrimination and stress go hand-in-hand and many are suffering. Racial issues and racial inequality perpetuate race discrimination in employment-whether employers are following the law and protecting their employees are vital issues many workers have to face. Kansas City workers may better understand their rights by contacting a labor lawyer. For individuals facing discrimination in employment, the EEOC, the Missouri Commission on Human Rights, Missouri law firms and attorneys may be able to help.



Source: By Melanie Eversley; From USA Today

California Wal-Mart Sued

An African American shopper at Wal-Mart alleges that due to racial discrimination, he was incorrectly identified as a shoplifter. He was handcuffed and detained and allegedly accused of stealing from the store. Race discrimination is one of the factors listed in the plaintiff’s lawsuit in regards to damages sought and mistreatment based on color. While consumers’ rights and protections from race harassment and discrimination may differ from workers’ rights, some anti-discrimination laws still apply to consumers in certain situations. Discriminatory practices can have a lasting impact on U.S. consumers and unfairly punish them for being in a protected class. Employers and businesses must take responsibility and follow appropriate steps to preventing racial harassment and discrimination. In regards to employment law, if you are an employee experiencing harassment and/or discrimination in the Kansas City, Missouri area, consider contacting a law firm or employment law attorney. Various methods of contact are possible: via website, online inquiry, or a phone call. Labor lawyers may be able to help.


Source: By Maria Sestito; From The Napa Valley Register


The Workforce is Changing

While America’s workforce is becoming increasingly diverse, with more women and more minority representing a larger share of the workforce, not all industries or professions are diversifying proportionally. Unfortunately, these groups are still facing difficulties in corporate leadership, medicine, and law. Pay disparities, partly due to wage discrimination, persist. The article below details the author’s account of speaking with scholars on the issues of discrimination and racial and gender inequality in the workplace. The experts spoke on the discouraging under-employment of female workers in the film industry, but also the hope that the EEOC investigation into discriminatory hiring practices in the film industry may bring about lasting change. Employers who do not address, correct or prevent harassment and discrimination in the workplace should be held accountable. As a greater number of minority groups become a part of the workforce, the number of complaints and charges of race discrimination and race harassment may increase. Employees who experience mistreatment based on a protected class, such as gender or race, should contact and attorney or law firm to better understand their rights. If you have suffered from racial discrimination or racial harassment in the Kansas City, Missouri area, consider contacting a lawyer at the Bullman Law Firm.


Source: By Rebecca Rosen, Li Zhou, Adrienne Green, Gillian White, and Alana Semuels; From The Atlantic


The Focus on Ferguson, Missouri

Ferguson, Missouri became a federal focus over policing as numerous riots and protests took place after the fatal shooting of an 18-year-old black man by a city police officer. Currently, Ferguson City Council members are voting on a plan to overhaul the city’s police and court systems, which could potentially defuse a Justice Department lawsuit against the city. Concerns have arisen that the compliance could bankrupt the Missouri city. The lawsuit against the city accused the police force of a pattern of racial profiling. The Justice Department determined the police department had engaged in a pattern and practice of discrimination against black Ferguson residents. While this article focuses on residents and the city of Ferguson, it is an important reminder that race harassment and race discrimination are major problems in both small and large cities, including Kansas City. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act protects employees from racial discrimination and harassment. Law firms with employment lawyers can help workers better understand their rights. Employees suffering from racial harassment or racial discrimination from their employer should consider contacting the Bullman Law Firm today.


Source: The Washington Times


More Diversity Training

The St. Louis chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations called attention to and criticized the handling of complaints of sexual harassment and discrimination from a Muslim student. A charge of discrimination was filed with the Missouri Commission on Human Rights (MCHR) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The EEOC discrimination claim alleges the student was subjected to sexual harassment and racial discrimination at the hands of an employee, a University of Missouri professor. The accusations include sexually harassing and discriminatory remarks that referred to her religion and dress. Some question whether mandatory, online, sensitivity training for faculty, staff and students will actually prevent or address race harassment, sex discrimination or harassment based on other protected classes, such as religion. The lawsuit alleges the professor created a ‘sexually hostile learning environment’ and sexist and offensive comments were made multiple times. Employers and universities must take action against race discrimination, racial harassment and sex discrimination of workers and/or students. Employment attorneys know the laws against discrimination; calling a law firm or lawyer can help individuals better understand what protections they have.


From: By Mara Rose Williams; From The Kansas City Star


Will Anonymity Prevent Discrimination?

While there are many suggestions to prevent discriminatory hiring in employment, here is a radical one: ‘blind’ hiring. The Boston Symphony Orchestra pioneered the practice and a well –known discrimination examples, a racial discrimination case against the New York Philharmonic, launched it further. Researchers found that ‘blind’ auditions for musicians likely prevent discrimination in the selection process; the likelihood that a woman would be hired significantly increased. Feeling they would receive fair treatment rather than discrimination, more female musicians applied. The article below describes an entrepreneur who created GapJumpers, a software company that works with employers to create suitable and appropriate challenges for applicants and future employees. Names, photographs, and test results would still be visible to the employer. After further study, GapJumpers realized employers didn’t need to see prospective employees’ names, or faces. After Google released data on the makeup of its employees, the question remained: is discrimination occurring, or are not even women and minority groups applying? If you are a worker and have experienced discrimination like this, or race harassment in the workplace, contacting a law firm and/or labor lawyer in Kansas City, Missouri can help you better understand your rights. Attorneys, laws against race discrimination, racial harassment, and sexual harassment, and the Missouri Commission on Human Rights may be able to help.


By: Claire Cain Miller; From: The New York Times


Discrimination Inquiry at a Missouri University

A student complaint against a university employee, who is Hispanic official at Missouri State University, launched an informal discrimination inquiry. The student’s complaint alleged the official, assistant vice president for minority advancement, made discriminatory remarks against African Americans. Even though the student dropped her complaint after results of an informal investigation, reports of racial discrimination and/or harassment should always be taken seriously and investigated. Students and workers who experience or witness and report racial harassment, sexual harassment, or harassment based on other protected classes have rights. Employment law firms and labor lawyers may be able to help individuals in a variety of situations, whether the mistreatment occurred in the workplace, at a school, or in a business. Employers must be held accountable when employees’ rights are violated. If you have suffered from harassment or discrimination in the Kansas City area, please consider contacting The Bullman Law Firm.


Source: By The Associated Press; From Mid-Missouri Public Radio


Is ‘Hispanic’ a Race? : US court rules ‘yes’

A federal appeals court tossed out an award given to a Long Island police officer who sued his employer for race discrimination. The police officer, who is Italian-American, alleged discrimination when another employee, Bermudez, a Hispanic officer, was given the position of police chief. Former Freeport Mayor Hardwick appointed Bermudez and referred to him as the town’s ‘first Hispanic police chief’. Attorneys for the town tried arguing that no discrimination occurred because Hispanics are not a distinct ‘race’, an argument which the appeal court turned down. Racial harassment and racial discrimination happen all over the country, including the Kansas City area, and employers must be held accountable for violating workers’ rights. Workers can find an employment lawyer by a contacting a law firm through a variety of formats, such as by phone or online inquiry.


Source: By Lia Eustachewich; From The New York Post